Oh today… 12hrs…let me explain…

Today started great…I had two events to choose from that were kid friendly and got out of the house on TIME!!

It was beautiful…I even had the half cup of coffee left from what was spilled loading the car.

We pulled up to the light, library (our destination) was right across the street and I was so excited for some home based business owning moms to chat with!!

Then I heard a strange noise…kind of like a little fountain…BEHIND me!!!!

Fortunately the light stayed red awhile, I looked back in time to see my sweet Hazel spewing forth a mixture of oatmeal and juice…

I had room to merge to the turn lane, went up the street, pulled off into neighborhood, relayed happenings to dad, his reaction led to a hang up ending, and we drove home.

Fortunately…she didn’t throw up for a long time, actually at all since in the car. I however, lost the ability to hold my stomach at dinnertime. While holding Zazen, I didn’t get the lid up but I successfully puked wi/out splashing him! I eventually handed him to Kenzie. Then G got him…while coughing I gelt like I pulled a muscle in my upper abdomen very badly…so coughing hurts now.

Then we tried to go to bed a few hours ago…I was (am) frozen…like the kind of cold that runs deep when waiting outside for a ride or something. Eventually I decided to get up, after everyone was storing, and voila threw up again…then halfway through my shower again…

I’m so tired but sleep isn’t working. I am SO glad I am eight min to Friday and that this treacherous comity day is coming to a close. If I can avoid puking for about ten min I might take a Tylenol for the cold…maybe.


…vomit…I’m trying to sleep soon wi no Tylenol or water…ugh.

No, 1 dayquil and sm cup water… I’m f-f-f-freezing!!!!

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