Old Technology Anxiety Logic Confirmed Faxing Not Efficient.

Wow, moving is way more complicated than it really needs to be, at least with a child (or chilren) attending public school it is.

The most important places that I need to inform of our changed address are the most complicated and difficult to inform. I have not been able to properly inform either the DMV licensing office OR the public school system.

They apparently haven’t heard of Docusign or Verisign type services that make online signatures possible. Nor have they heard of the address verification practices employed by sites like paypal where a confirmation code is mailed to the alleged address and the person who moved enters the code online if they want to take it to that level.

No, they want a FAX because FAXING is what the governement seems to think is “Official” as if it is hard to forge that if someone really wanted to.

Anyway, yeah, so I went through the long painful process of printing out all the forms on paper so I could “FAX” them, and what do you know, they didn’t work when I tried, I went to the counter at fedex, and let them know (while holding fussy baby) that I apparently am incapable of working such ancient technology and asked for their assistance. This was last Friday I believe, or maybe Thursday, and they did help me we even got a very official “confirmation page” saying so!

Then this morning, as I was laying in bed with baby Zazen, Geoff comes in with the phone. It was someone from the Public School system saying the fax didn’t go through!!! So frustrating. They said I could scan and email if I prefer, though I can’t find the email on their site to do such a thing. Also said I could bring the papers to them, something that I will likely end up doing just to ensure they get it, but in the past it has taken multiple days to accomplish such a task due to the lack of parking.

Why oh why doesn’t the governement understand the usage of forms is much more efficient, cheaper and more environmentally friendly?? Hasn’t anyone told them? I mean hell, we are in Seattle, we have MICROSOFT and AMAZON here!!!

I can’t believe how many days have been eaten up trying to get them to believe we have moved.

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