One Week Old…

Yesterday marks Zazen being one week old!

I am doing pretty well, definitely still healing and feeling it if I push things too far though. I was given strict instructions to not lift anything heavier than Zazen, specifically to not lift up Hazel or Kenzie, so that I could properly heal up inside. This lasted until I’d say the fireworks on July 4. Fireworks do cause some need to be picked up sometimes! My only pain is in my very front lower abdominal area which hurts when I lift my leg and sometimes walking too, it’s frustrating because I have so much to do (dishes, sorting, playing etc.).

Going on at the same time as this initial healing and getting to know baby time of course is the beginning of summer vacation! Kenzie’s been out of school now for almost two weeks and so that’s an adjustment in itself. I would like to enroll her in to a part time gymnastics class or maybe even a few weeks of summer camp so she can get out more and be with friends. Soon I will be better and taking the kiddos out more but right now I think it is hard on them to just stay around the house so much. I am grateful that we do have the support of their grandmother who is taking them a few times a week for a good time and Kenzie is still in swimming too. I think a lot of this is my own frustration about not being able to do more, they seem to be pretty comfortable just hanging out. Adjustments adjustments!!

Zazen’s first check up went well, he is gaining weight appropriately and there aren’t any concerns with him eating enough since he is creating an appropriate number of wet and dirty diapers as well.

I did have one interesting day, it was Tuesday this week and my milk supply did go down. It was the end of the day when I realized he was nursing a lot more than usual and I realized toward the end of the day that “I” hadn’t really been eating or drinking…I’d had some apple, carrots and hummus as well as a smoothie for breakfast but that is about it…I made a point to eat a variety of things before going to bed as well as lots of water and the next morning I was definitely ‘filled up’ again.

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