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3 Double Tuberose 'The Pearl'Recently one of my daughter’s schools gave me a flyer that gave the information to sell some bulbs as a fundraiser…I noticed the flowers were of course beautiful but who would I talk to and take orders from?? I pictured myself holding 2yo Hazel and 7mo Zazen while trying to fill out the paper and collect money and kind of mentally threw my hands up. Next I sent an email that never got a response asking about if the fundraising company gave us a way to do it online…I’m thinking something like an affiliate link or something almost.

I decided that it was a need that I could fulfill which was to set up a store online through which the bulbs could be sold that way and then I can fulfill the orders from there.

So I used the plug-in wp-ecommerce and set it all up on my site which you can see HERE.

I am excited because I was able to tag all the bulbs by zone, bloom time, if they were noted as being particularly fragrant etc. which I am hoping to use to better direct people to the flowers of their choosing. Probably googling my name along with the zone you live in will get you to the product page…might be wishful thinking but hopefully that works! Please let me know if you try it!

I was tempted to try and set up a shopify store but they cost money…hard to rationalize when I don’t have any extra and I’m not profiting off of this…I might have to do this at some point because it looks SO SO much cooler…

All the flowers are $10 with half of that going to the school! Shipping is $10 if you aren’t in Seattle and I’ll be taking part of that for the paypal fees too so that the school gets the fair share.

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