Only RICH People Ride Buses

Only RICH People Ride Buses

Err…not last time I checked!!

Or so some dude named Dori said. I saw the link to his article on this Seattle Transit Blog and it inspired me to make the image that you see here. The logic being that it is HORRIBLE logic. I have lived many many years riding on public transportation and for a lot of those I didn’t have a car. I wanted one, but unlike this people in the study this guy Dori is referencing I was not rich.

I have been a student, pregnant woman, disabled woman, woman holding a baby, and all of that on the bus and I would just be laughing at this campaign because it is so so obvious that it needs to be a YES but then again that is how I felt when we had the junk food tax, and the rich tax that both got beaten down by some good marketing. I remember for those campaigns I was living in a part of Seattle that did not have very many wealthy people in it, but I remember the signs just peppering the streets claiming that their taxes would be going up (total bullshit). I thought people in Seattle, a place KNOWN for having smart people would look at the details and realize that it really wouldn’t impact them unless they could well, afford to have it affect them. Then the junk food tax?? Don’t get me started. I am like you know someone who attributes healthy eating to my healthy body and absolutely think that these foods that are giving us diabetes and making us obese pay out some of that just like cigarettes and alcohol do but this time the polls showed that it was more important to keep our soda cheap than to provide healthcare to children that need it.

Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now…but SEATTLE!! PLEASE!! Let’s make our city a better place to live…the more of us on buses the less of us in cars, the less of us in cars the less pollution, the less pollution the fresher our lovely air is for us to breath. Fresher the air is for our children’s children’s children to breath and so on.

So, about those tabs, I am feeling the need to make another graphic. I looked up the bus fares, and the highest fare is $3, the lowest is a $.75 for a reduced far for senior citizens, people on medicare or with disabilities. This means that the one year numbers add up to between $234 and $1560 approximately for Senior/Disabled and 2 Zone Full Far bus riders.

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