Train Crash on MLK in Seattle

On my way to the local coffee shop where I get my most work done “Empire” is where I was headed and just after crossing MLK near the Columbia City lightrail station I heard it.

Crash!! Bang!! Boom!! Skiiiiiiddd!!!

I texted my husband, who was at home about equi-distance from the sound about the accident immediately and kept walking, hoping nobody was hurt.

About a block further I heard the sirens and texted him again “…and here come the sirens…”.

It was not until I got to the coffee shop that he called me, apparently he had heard the accident as well, and ran out immediately as he knew I’d just left the house.

He reported that there was a contractor, driving a pick up truck that had not noticed the signs and made a left turn on Dawson where people are supposed to turn right jug handle style and cross the street that way rather than a left turn. It is a lightrail right there, the Orca Lightrail that is new to Seattle and unfortunately for this man there was a train coming that he didn’t see.

He turned right in front of the train and was hit, dragged, and took out a lot of the guard rails there to protect pedestrians.

I’m grateful that I wasn’t hurt and that my husband was able to help. I hear helicopters now from where I am an already tweeted that the trains might be out for a while…I had one friend who was waiting for the train so I’m glad I was able to let her know.

Tonight is also Seattle Night Out which and so all our neighbors will be out tonight, we will surely have a lot to talk about!!

If I hear anything else I’ll post it in the comments or add on later!

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