PAINT :: Mom & Baby As One

Alone now, it makes sense.

Kenzie was just a few months old when I drew this picture, which was a self portrait of us at the time. I very consciously left most of the canvas blank, and kept the colors muted because while it was a bold declaration that it was time for us to move forward combined with the sadness of not feeling supported it needed to be kept quiet.

It was around this time that I knew that I could offer my first daughter something so much better than what we had if I left the situation that we were in to create a new life for us. Love that had been around for years and leading to her conception wasn’t enough, the relationship couldn’t handle the pressures of life and had turned abusive. I believed that staying would be just a sick thing to do, watching her mom get yelled at, the fighting, and the other things I’m not going to talk about that I knew she would not be around ever again if I just took that big step. To leave.

Probably painting this picture was part of what readied me to take action on what I knew, it was a part of becoming comfortable with us as one, enough, and fully capable of moving on. It was soon after painting this picture which is about 18×24 inches that I left her father and stayed with friends and family for 6mo before relocating to Seattle finally.

New daddy & husband joining us as one...!!

Now I would like to start a painting that depicts the joy we have now, she has a new father, a new sister, a home and is in school. I think maybe a version of what is seen in the picture above of us kissing on my wedding day would be a step…so many to choose from I think I better finish her photo album I have been working on for about 6 months now first.

Patiently posing for Mommy to take a picture...

That one I think is even better, seeing her laughing with her sister really shows how much our lives have changed in a good way.

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2 Responses to PAINT :: Mom & Baby As One

  1. Wow, Kristin, you are such an amazing artist! The card is so stunning. I will never forget meeting you in Seattle, soon into your single motherhood journey….

  2. Kristin says:

    Thank you!! It’s one of my paintings that it seems like I’ve had for so long…I’m finally letting that creative side come out a bit.

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