Parent Coworking at Ellie’s!!

As you may or may not know, I’ve been obsessed with the concept of parents coworking for a while, hence registering and that sort of thing. While all that has happened a woman named Jesse has actually started to make it happen!! I am totally excited because Ellie’s is only about 40 blocks from where I just moved and I totally see myself biking up there with little man to get some work done. I even had some jobs on LinkedIn that fit my design/development skills in a way that would allow for part time wfh arrangements! So yeah, I’m excitedly waiting for the childcare part of the space to open up.

I would be thrilled to be able to start spending more time working on my Medical Analytics Fantasy, Moms With MS, PinehurstK8 Parents Connection (using my PTO 2.0 model), Seattle Urban Garden community site and sooo much more.

Speaking of gardens, there is also a nice garden space that is not yet developed that I hope gets fixed up soon…I am wondering if some of my gagillion plants might be able to find a home there…of course winter is coming, but yeah, we will see for sure! I’d love to get some pretty kale/chard growing there or something, would be pretty and a good snack while working 😀

So exciting to see my dreams coming true without having to do all the work…I guess that means I can get back to making my plants a little happier and organize them a bit…I’m feeling like a crazy plant lady with all my plants in containers out front. It would be great to be able to get rid of the lawn and put plants/garden beds there instead…I’ll have to talk to my landlady about that. Still keeping garden notes when I can!!

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