Pars Planitis

EyesGosh, Fibroids, and now Pars Planitis is what I’m being told it looks like is appearing in my eye. I have had floaters in my left eye for all of my adult life, and in the past it was described as a vitreal (sp?) separation. I was told back in the early part of the century there was nothing that could be done…now it seems there might be!

So I’ll be doing a lot of research about fibroids and pars planitis it looks like…so far I noticed that for the pars planitis they recommend some kind of immuno-suppressant. I know that I will NOT be doing that, I have no interest in going back into that world. I am looking forward to discussing this new finding with my Naturopathic Doctors.

I’m going to be getting tested for a list of things, all tested by blood too so maybe I’ll have even more interesting stuff to tell you about!

Getting tested for:

CBC, ESR, ANA, ACE, CRP, Lysozyme, RPR, FTA-ABS, Toxoplasmosis IgG, Toxoplasmosis IgM, Lyme titre, HLA-B27, CXR (PA and lteral), and Bartonella Titre.

…I’m also looking forward to getting an up to date test on my allergies and nutrient levels.

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