Paying With Checks?

Does anyone actually use checks anymore? If so I’m not sure why, I just used a check recently for example that was deposited much later…and it was about $10 short to be covered and so I got a $29 dollar fee despite having made a $50 deposit as soon as I realized the shortage…see it was the next day, so the computer didn’t realize it could now clear is what the lady said.

So why do this? I did it because it was “convenient” to write a check, and “cheaper” to do that rather than pay to get a money order at the post office. But now? Was it really cheaper? No. It was way more expensive. Now i have to go to my daughters school and explain the check bounced, ask if they know if their bank will try again or not and maintain my balance “just in case” because if the money isn’t there I will get another fee. Next time I WILL learn my lesson and use a money order instead…at least until I have some kind of a back up funding source lined up so that situations like this can be remedied in this way. Til then? It’s all about paying with paypal or money orders…

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