Peanuts? No Peanuts? Oh My!!

I miss you!!

Ok..this one is hitting me pretty hard. As you know I’m following the Paleo Diet which up until recently we casually were letting potatoes, yams and peanuts be a part of. I recently learned about the potatoes not being acceptable and was pretty much ok with it…but yesterday I confirmed via google search

Peanuts are legumes, and are not allowed as part of the Paleo Diet.

Yes, I thought of that. Maybe I could let it slide? Normally I would do this IF my allergy test that initially got me started on Paleo said that peanuts are something I am not reactive to, though alas…peanuts are ranked as an allergen… a 5 on a scale of 1-6 (sniff!!).

So no more peanuts for me. I have been having lots of peanut goat yogurt smoothies during the pregnancy and have slowed though not stopped my intake of the peanuts. I have switched the goat yogurt to coconut milk, using a small can at a time, but peanuts? I don’t know. I guess raw cashews will have to suffice.

I have a friend who used to soak the raw cashews in water and then after a day or two blend it to make a cashew milk of sorts…I will be trying that out to see if it works and looking up some recipes if it doesn’t. I don’t think my [amazon_link id=”B001WAKFDY” target=”_blank” ]Magic Bullet [/amazon_link] is powerful enough, since it’s a blender more than a food processor,to make a nut butter but I may try that too. I wish it was a bit more mainstream because Cashew Butter costs a lot more than peanut butter!!!
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