Phosphates Causing Multiple Sclerosis?

As you know I am fascinated with all of the potential causes, variables, triggers and genetics things related to MS. One of the most recent articles that caught my attention was found in a local magazine called “Natural Awakenings” it has a quick little note about a study from “Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology” I have no idea what that is at this point but I’ll definitely google and link it later!

What I thought was so interesting about this was that the research shows that it leads to narrowing of the arteries. This of course made me think of the CCSVI procedure that is used to stretch/balloon/stent the veins to improve their flow because they are NARROW veins. I just realized as I write this that I just proved my own maybe theory wrong since they are talking about arteries here and with the CCSVI we are dealing with veins though. I must say though what a correlation!

So…using myself as the example I must say that in my youth I drank a LOT of coke, I drank my dad’s coca cola for example I clearly remember at summer camp adding four cokes to my backpack, so I could have one in the morning before camp started, one for snack, one for lunch and one in the afternoon. I only was with him during the summers from the ages of approximately 8-13 but still, that’s a lot of phosphates and soda for a kiddo to be drinking! I think that was towards the tail end of that age range for the record. After the age of 14 I was a heavy diet coke drinker which I think is even worse considering all of the fake sweeteners and other stuff that goes into that. I even drank that heavily after having my first baby as it was more affordable than the good coffee that I was wanting.

I know that these posts that I write talking about different things causing multiple sclerosis make many people’s eyes roll into the back of their head. Why do I write about this stuff? I write about the stuff that I see and that I don’t see being reflected in what I hear at the doctors office, at the MS focused societies or certainly from any pharmaceutical source. I think that until all of these foods, additives, chemicals, packages, habits, and experiences are taken into account there will always be more of these. Maybe there is a particular combination of all these things that triggers a certain gene that one must have after they experience trauma? We don’t know what causes MS right now but I know that where I am at, more than ten years after being diagnosed I am in better shape than I have been in a long time. Is it because I was laid off? Maybe, it does increase my physical activity. Is it because I live in Seattle? Is it because I love to garden and to eat fresh foods whenever I can muster the energy? Is it my supplements? Is it my sickeningly positive attitude that makes some people sick? Is it that I have three beautiful kids and my body has decided to stop fighting itself so I can focus on raising them? Is it because I LOVE juicing and am inspired by people like Susan Powter? Is it because of all those Klemmer, Ryan Eliason, Ramit, and other personal development work I have done in a plethora of books over the years? Is it because I watch videos from every day? I think it could have something to do with it because it is funny, it makes me smile and it inspires me. It could also be that I have awesome people in my life….who knows but I’ll definitely keep doing what I’m doing!!

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