Now that the hot water saga is over, I can get back to the ‘other’ stuff going on in life…

This weekend Geoff, Kenzie and I went to do maternity photos!! I’m sooo excited to see the pictures, getting pregnancy pictures taken was something I always wanted but never got with Kenzie, and so Geoff putting this together is just priceless, especially with him and Kenzie being involved as well.

On Saturday I got pictures taken by Sandra Coan at her studio, the style was the white curtain being held up over my body type maternity picture, it was lots of fun and I’m really really excited to see the pictures. She did my friend Candace’s pictures which came out soooo beautifully so I’ve got pretty high expectations…I think I already know which one will be my favorite I’ll post links once I get them (should be in 2 weeks).

On Sunday, my dear friend/photographer Ben came over and took lots of the more casual outdoors family pictures of the three of us, first by Alki and then at Colman Park, which is where Geoff and I got married last year on 8/8/08. Those pictures will be so special especially when put along with the pictures from before and during the wedding…it is just such a progression of our life at that park which means so much to us. This year on 8/8/09 or around that time I would love to have some family pictures taken there as well…just before heading to our big family reunion coming after that.

So there is my mushy blog update about the positive things going on…oh, that and also Geoff has begun bringing in the lilies I requested as providing the sensory ‘ambiance’ for the birth of baby Hazel…I’m sensitive to smells and I find the Stargazer Lily smell to be very comforting and overbearing enough to make the whole apartment ‘feel’ beautiful…I love having them around…

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5 Responses to Photographs…

  1. Audrey says:

    So you recommend her? I’ve been looking for a good photographer to get that done myself…obviously not for a while yet, but particularly since Rip will be missing my massiveness I’d like photographic evidence 🙂

  2. Katrinka (aka Christina Mallet) says:

    Sandy is my good friend and I send all of my pregnancy and newborn shoots her way! She’s fab!

  3. Katrinka (aka Christina Mallet) says:

    Sandy is a great friend of mine and I recommend her for all quiries I get for pregnancy and newborn shoots. She’s amazing!

  4. Kimby says:

    Yeah, she is awesome! It is almost time to see the pictures too. . Will be interesting to see if the pictures or Hazel come first!

  5. Kimby says:

    Yeah, she is awesome! It is almost time to see the pictures too. . Will be interesting to see if the pictures or Hazel come first!

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