Pink Goo I Could Do…


I have been vaguely paying attention to the whole pink goo debate…I can see how it is gross BUT I can also see how pink goo COULD be really good. Through my Paleo journey for example, I definitely see the benefits of including more “parts” of the animal than is typically included in the “breasts” and “thighs” that we get when we order piece by piece…I think of livers, gizzards, and I think NUTRIENTS. It’s when I get to the bleach part of the articles

that it bugs me…I don’t want my kid eating bleach!

I do want my kid eating entrails if possible…gross right? No I atually don’t think that it is gross at all. If we look to cultures that actually hunt the food they eat they are VERY good at eating everything, and I am all about that. I would like for all those parts to be mixed up with the muscles so that my kids ate the “good stuff” without thinking much of it. It would be a blessing really! I think that kids eating all the parts of the animal would be healthier, more satiated, and better off in general. It’s just the processes that follow including bleach to disinfect and more that I have a problem with.

Maybe if we did the pink goo in batches of just a couple animals at a time, took the bones out, made the bones into bone broth and then saturated the meat mix (pink goo) into that and then squeezed it out to cook into whatever burgers and nuggets they wanted we’d be better off…am I missing something? Cut the chemicals…Keep the Meat!!! We can make Pink Goo into something good…or would it be red without the chemicals? I’m ok with that…Red Goo over Pink Goo!!!

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…maybe that product could be a fast food nation I could deal with!!!

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