Planting August Plants Finally…

I finally got some plants planted in the GROUND today!!

Geoff finished with the plot last night, I almost went out in the dark but it was a little too dark for me, and today I got started! My little helper Hazel had fun playing in the dirt:

It was a lot of fun and here is what I finished so far!:

It’s hardly glamorous, I took the picture with my phone, I planted lots of mustard greens (I had a lot more than I initially thought!), lettuce, peas (by seed) and a row of garlic that I’m hoping will be bountiful next year! I harvested the garlic this summer from our house, it had originally been from a clove we got at PCC that sprouted…gotta love organic produce!!

I also of course planted my stargazer lilies…I love those so much.

After I finished I spent some time resting in our hammock, it is such a beautiful day here in Seattle I just had to, so I took Zazen (who was hungry by the time I finished planting) and we laid in the shady/sun there for a while, Hazel joined us part of the time too.

Happy Hazel!!

Happy Hazel!!

It’s been a beautiful day and we all had a lot of fun…I am going to miss days like this once it starts getting cold here. For me, the kids, and our plant’s sake I hope that we have a long, warm, late summer with occasional showers!!

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