Polyclinic…No More PCP/Pediatrician for Me or Kiddos

After four years of getting our primary care through the Polyclinic, the girls and I will no longer be able to be seen there. It is because I owe them a couple hundred dollars and still haven’t gotten a job to be able to pay them, and when I did have money from unemployment, because I dared pay the insurance which gave them the majority of the full balance in question.

Here is how I found out:
At home today while I was frantically working on a presentation I have coming up hoping it could bring in some money, (I have about $12 in my bank account and $5 cash…that’s it), there was a knock on the door. It startled me a bit as people don’t generally come over unannounced, I went to the door and considered ignoring the knock, and then opened the door to greet my mailman who handed me an envelope to sign for.

Signing for envelopes is tricky, it could mean anything. Last time I was signing for envelopes it had to do with our house going on foreclosure, something that we’ve managed to delay but who knows for how long. Then it was the medical bills from Highline and Seattle Radiology that I was sued for recently. I signed for it though, noting that it had not just my name, but my two daughters’ (5 & 1) names on it too.

I opened up the envelope and shook my head, of all the things to have to focus on during this financial nightmare of the last two years…(and I mean two years, it is almost to the day that I got laid off 2 years ago!). This is because of bills that are less than $500 just for context and the doctors referenced have been seeing us since moving here to Seattle in 2006.

    “We are writing to confirm to you that the physicians of The Polyclinic are withdrawing from further professional attendance upon you and your children because of your failure to keep your accounts current.”

When I look at this through my business lenses, it makes perfect sense. They didn’t get the money owed to them.

When I look at it through my rational lenses, I’m pissed, they got at least 80% of the money for the appointments since I had insurance at the time and the amount owed is measly compared to that, if I hadn’t put my money (when I had it) towards insurance, they wouldn’t have gotten what they DID get, why can’t they appreciate the money they DID get and over the years create a real profit and loss statement of my account!

When I look at through my techie lenses, I instantly think of the “MyLifeRecord” app I saw once, and how I need to sign up for something like that right away, because who knows how much we will be switching doctors this year and I know that I am NOT good at keeping track of paper…(is there a doctor for that?).

Unfortunately the app is apparently out of business, their site looks good aside from the notices about services available “up until November 2008” which screams of serious abandonment considering we are in March 2011 with no update…

So yes, I’m up at almost 5am and not sleeping because I’m obsessed with dealing with this mess. I know I’ll be busy during the day tomorrow with Hazel and unable to process all this information. I did get a couple hours of sleep before I woke up to chat with Geoff when he came to bed around 2, so this is just an early morning.

What I have found so far is Zweena which is for collecting the information from the doctors offices and Health Vault which is a Microsoft product to store and keep the records accessible. It is like what I imagined the “My Life Record” app to be but much less slick, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will work on my iPhone (which is really ok since I lost service to that yesterday too). It is so important we find something like this because vaccinations for the girls and all of my MS and other specialist information is held at these offices, need to get a hold of that so I can at least bring it to new potential doctors so they know what they are dealing with.

Zweena looks like it will cost $199/year which I do not have, but it has a 90 day trial, so by then I will most likely have it or have found an alternative.

We only have 30 days of “urgent” medical attention if we need it, but “in no event after 30 days from receipt of this letter.”

I also find this ironic considering that in February, we JUST got health insurance again after not having any for a few months…without a co-pay too so they would have gotten full payment from the insurance without having to deal with my finances.

So I guess I’ll put my money making efforts on hold so I can make sure that all of our medical records and needs are being tracked and handled appropriately.

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