Positive Seattle Posters & Small Business

Through the BEX IV drama and Positive Seattle promotion going on I have been doing a lot of visiting of small businesses to put up posters. See my interest in promoting Positive Seattle increased a LOT when I realized the job we were taking on to try and Save Pinehurst K-8.

Some of the local businesses that are supporting our efforts are Ellie’s Coworking (I hope they open soon!!), Bark Espresso, Cafe Aroma and more…I am really enjoying the love I’m feeling in support of our school. I love Pinehurst…

Looking forward to um….three upcoming meetings to discuss BEX IV Levy, be present at SPS Board Meetings and the future of our school…will be a busy week and I’m looking forward to it!!

OH and I filled in that little circle for Obama today…that felt good!!!

Will be fun to see what alumni has to say about all this on Saturday...

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