Prayer + Massage + Brassica = End of Pain Chapter!!

Enough with the Chapter posts! Ok I know, I’m really excited though! When I embarked on I had no idea how fast it would be over! I jumped right into getting some Natural Treatment options including Mayan Uterine Massage, Craniosacral Massage, Prayer Treatments, and eating at least one, usually 2+ servings of brassica (kale, cabbage, stuff like that). After getting all that started I did not notice the pain recurring even once! I had a shadow of it the day after the massage but I’m guessing that may have been a cyst popping or something like that. It’s been two months and I’m in good shape!

I love my kale!!

I love my kale!!

I’m still keeping my brassica intake up though not freaking out if I miss a day, and using the Prayer Treatments as I need to deal with whatever comes up. Natural Treatments are pretty awesome…at least I think so! It’s better than worrying about dealing with a hysterectomy! Now to go water the kale I have growing outside…

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