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I created the site a while back…it stemmed from research I came across regarding dementia while experiencing the decline of my beautiful grandmother from a distance. It was very difficult for me to be so far away, and yet feel like if she were near then maybe…just maybe I could help. I created the site so that people who were in a position to help, or were in a position to prevent their own decline, could access information and ideas that were at least worth giving a shot.

My grandmother is not having a big memorial. She would rather the family come together, something she always loved and strove to facilitate. While part of me wishes I could be there for the laying to rest of her remains (she has been cremated) part of me is also feeling her presence, and knowing that with her body gone, her spirit is free and she is surely coming to visit if not always somewhat present.

I just noticed on twitter that it is some kind of dementia week. I have been very distracted with life and neglecting this site and twitter account, I’m writing this post as a commitment to put more effort into it and also to ask anyone who has information they feel is relevant to please share it with me here, on the @PrevAlzheimers handle or somewhere on the website. All of those places are me so all the same for the most part.

I will always love my grandmother, and she is the reason I created this site. Love to you if you are someone suffering dementia or if you love someone who is experiencing it.

I hope we can figure this one out.

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