Preventative vs. Wellness Services… HCR Recommendations!

I just clicked on a *tweet* and checked out some of the preventative resources being made available in the health care reform, or #HCR as it’s being tagged online.

I see a lot of good things on there, and I see a lot missing.

My story of finding my wellness includes things that are not on this list, and that I currently can’t afford, very basic things like GOOD QUALITY MULTIVITAMINS and other supplements such as VITAMIN D ACIDOPHILUS and FISH OIL. Not to mention with my restrictive and *expensive* diet of organic produce and meat.

Despite the $4,500 that insurance is saving not medicating me each month…I haven’t found a way to get help affording these “little things” that I KNOW help me so much…and don’t put my breastfeeding baby at risk.

While I’m at it…as someone who has been through birth control hell…aka STROKE…I know it is great to make more options available to more people, but how about the non-hormone including ones? Condoms? Spermicide? Ovulation tracking tools? I’m still paying for those too…no wonder I’m broke!

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