This morning I definitely feel…different. In a good way, I can tell things are progressing pregnancy wise…

Thankfully with all the Moxa and acupuncture we seem to (again) have Hazel in the right direction, and rather than flipping around, she still kicks my side, but is now feeling heavier lower down in my abdomen, which can only be a good things from what my intuition tells me, as uncomfortable as it is.

Bending over, squatting, even sitting is definitely getting harder, definitely can not walk fast or go up or down stairs quickly, that straight up hurts…I’m tired today too. Might be because I forgot my iron supplements this morning. I did take my herbal prescription & Zrii though…just got home a little while ago and took more of the herbs, iron, and some other supplements. Thinking about taking a nap while my body absorbs it all a bit.

I really want to get moving on cleaning the house, figure exercise is a good thing but I feel so so tired right now I think I had better wait, and just appreciate the rare quietness in the apartment right now. Then onto more Party Planning for Fundraising with Arbonne. So far I have one event dedicated to Open Arms and one to NMSS for March…would like to get 4 more booked though…

I think it would be good if I could figure out a way for Kenzie to help me with organizing in the house…I’ll have to think about it. Trying so hard to avoid caffeine…but it is tough.

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