Project Baked French Fries = Success!!!

20110525-044916.jpgI realized this past Monday while meeting with the Chef of Healthy Creations that I have been naughty…I’ve been naughtier than naughty!! My lack of cooking gusto in the kitchen (Aka lack of doing dishes to make room to cook) has led to some trips to macdonalds…something I’m not proud of but have been rationalizing that I’m only doing it occasionally and with less than a month until baby is due I know I’ll be stopping soon.

Anyway, the naughtier part is that I’ve been letting the girls indulge too! They have developed a love for French fries with sweet and sour sauce…

So today, inspired by Geoff‘s initiative to clean the kitchen (and dishes!) I decided that yes they could have French fries but that they would have to wait a little while.

So I took them straight home from school.

Then I ran inside to confirm the presence of non-sprouting potatoes.

Brought everyone in, asked them to be patient and googled “how to make French fries at home” where I came up with THIS recipe.

It took a bit longer than expected and I found another recipe with a higher heat which finished them off nicely!

After serving the fries to two hungry semi-patient girls I knew it was a success!! Kenzie even said she likes them more than the fast food ones (-beaming-) and Hazel kept on gobbling them down so I’m taking that as a good sign!

Next time I’ll experiment with some herbs…and the second batch in the oven will have a bit of garlic salt…

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