Proud Mommy Moment Filled Day!

Today was a fabulous day for me as a mom…it started very nicely with taking Kenzie (my oldest) to school with her sister in tow, watching her oh so independently get and bring her lunch to her classroom and wave good bye with a smile.

Then when I came home, I was about to sit down at the computer when I saw my lovely mouse, she had been in the garden out front earlier picking some of the little Jasmine flowers and had placed one of them gently into my mouse as if it were a flower stand or something, so precious!! It felt like a little love note that didn’t need words.

Like a love note that didn't need words.

Soon after that I left home to take my super cool Hazel to her gymnastics class, as usual we had a blast and she just loved climbing the ladders, stairs, bridges, ramps, throwing balls, stacking blocks, dancing, sliding, and way more than seems imaginable in a one hour class.

Ready For Anything!!

Of course she fell asleep on the way home and that’s when some of my work started, sitting in the car (with my computer plugged into the adapter), parked outside the library to pick up the free wifi…I’d have gone to a cafe but she was sleeping so peacefully!!

A few hours go by and we go home to meet back up with Daddy who is getting ready to go out, and then Hazel and I take off to go watch Kenzie at her swimming lessons her grandmother so graciously has provided for her (she also provided Hazels little gym class which is SO great!! I love grandmas!!). Kenzie was doing great, especially practicing the crawl, floating on her back, keeping arms pointed straight ahead and kicking etc.

Towards the end of the class she and her class went to the deep end of the pool, something that she loves to do and that I think is hugely appropriate since she can stand in the shallow end. Turns out that she is going to jump off the diving board (lower one of course) and it is such an exciting moment!! It was an added perk that she was the only child willing to go jump off of it and so she got to go 3x!! I only caught video of the second jump but they were all fearless and awesome…I’m excited to watch her develop her swimming skills and hopefully get back into the pool myself one of these days too, I was actually a lifeguard at one point but I haven’t gone swimming in years!! Here she is jumping…

I love how she swam right back to the edge too…she loves swimming and I’m so grateful that she has a sport like this that she already feels so passionately about.

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