PTA and Working Moms and Dads (PTSA 2.0)

I have been looking online and as a mom who has been both a working mom and a PTA mom the tensions between the two are astounding!!

I am convinced that through using current tools available online like the participation of working parents can be made POSSIBLE by making what needs to be discussed/handled available online rather than just in the once a month meeting.

Lots of sites and research papers I think are alluding something like this making all of our kids education and school experience better.

Here is an article that is expressing the frustration of not only being unable, but being judged for not participating more on (link is to a pdf).

What do you think would help?

Are you a working parent who does or doesn’t participate and feels judged or guilty for not participating more?

Would you participate more in fundraising and planning efforts if it were available online for you to review at any time that fit your schedule?

I’d like to know, so please leave your comments!!

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3 Responses to PTA and Working Moms and Dads (PTSA 2.0)

  1. Clay Boggess says:

    Making information available online for everyone involved makes perfect sense and is a very practical solution to a common problem. Case and point, my wife’s close friend is a single mom who works and if she knew that she could still contribute anyway she would definitely do it as would some of her other friends. I’m not sure if the online idea is available or not yet, but it sure seems logical. This sounds like a great idea!

  2. Kristin says:

    Hello Clay, Your site looks like a good one to collaborate with! To answer your question it is available, I am working out the details of the business side currently as well as a few package options. I will be working as a consultant to configure the platform to make this all possible and as optimized for the specific PTA’s needs by both introducing and using tools available to everyone.

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