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Since becoming the mother of an elementary school student I have noticed a few things regarding school communication, have you noticed any of the following?:

Lots of confusing acronyms used in the meetings that have either no explanation or it is on the fifth page of handouts we got two of right next to the page that you know you filled out and turned in during the last meeting?

Other parents who seem to fully understand everything and appear to be bored by what to them must be repetition (but where did they hear it before?)?

References to events or volunteer opportunities that have passed that you weren’t made aware of?

These are just a few of the many reasons that creating an online collaborative workspace makes sense:

Many parents work or are busy raising their other children and can not make it to all of the PTA/PTSA/PTO/Booster Club meetings.

If all the information shared at the meetings was updated through a single blog online within a private community for the PTA members only then all these parents would be able to be “in the know” of the happenings of the school and thus contribute appropriately.

Things frequently change, I have heard stories of parents scheduling a sitter for the kids and showing up for meetings on the scheduled date only to find that the date has changed and the notice was missed in the shuffle of paper!

With an online community there can be ONE calender that is used to track all of the PTA events and meetings allowing for parents to check and recheck the same source to ensure everyone’s time is respected and meetings aren’t missed.

Fund-raising takes lots of volunteers, organization, paper, pre-ordering of goods to be sold and more.

With things like the Amazon stores and other fundraising opportunities that treat the PTA more like an investment for businesses than a yearly charity check by way of sponsoring the site/events etc. funds can be raised from many more sources, some of which require a one time set up and then produce passive income after that.

Come join us at PTSA 2.0 and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with more tips and services offered to help make this happen for your school!

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