Quick Cheap HEALTHY Meal For Hazel!!

Mom...I am HUNGRY!!!

Hazel and I had a late start in getting to her very active MyGym class this morning and I felt so guilty when afterwards she anxiously signed “I’m hungry!!” and I had no snack, just a mere three bucks cash, and didn’t know of any “affordable” places to go in Bellevue…a dollar menu crossed my mind but I decided that no, Wholefoods is right there and I WILL find something healthier with my three bucks.

I knew from the tips on foursquare that they at least had free cookies for kids, I’d prefer the free fruit at PCC of course but it was too far away and hey, that cookie helped! I first tried to give her a few of the samples but she wasn’t interested in the beet relish or the toasted cous-cous…so I ate those.

We moved on to the bakery, the tip about the cookie was pretty old, almost a year so I asked and Yes! She got a cookie for free … score.

I walked by the cheese section next…hoping maybe they’d have the single serving cheddar or string cheese and they did! String cheese was $.69 and cheddar was $.49 so cheddar cheese it was!! I had also hoped that they had the fruit packs of baby food available single serving and yes … Wholefoods did and for $1.49 I was able to get it for her, she was thrilled and a breakdown was avoided!!

So the last challenge was at the register when I couldn’t find my three bucks, but the cashier held the two items while I ran to the car where the money was right on the front seat (oops!).

Moments later in the car Hazel is happily eating her cheese (she had finished most of the cookie) and then was soon alternating between the fruit purée and cheese.

The grand total for the cookie, cheese, and fruit purée came to $1.98. Mission accomplished…thanks Wholefoods!!!

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  1. shawn risley says:

    Reducing environmental or other stress to prevent the “overwhelm” phase in self and others: side-stepping melt-downs, one day at a time, makes a whole lotta sense. I keep rediscovering this. Our pioneer mentality of pushing yet further, sometimes makes it all come crashing down.

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