Quickable: Favorite Mobile App of Moment

So yeah…as I posted yesterday I have been looking for a KILLER marketplace/mobile app that has the ability to post with ease AND has a broad enough reach to make that little bit of time that I dedicate to the task of posting worth it…and yes, I think I found it in Quickable!!

I’m totally digging it because not only is it a marketplace in itself online/on mobile devices but it is ALSO easily posting on craigslist, ebay, and more as well. I’ve been a powerseller on ebay before and while I’m not using it now, I LOVE knowing it is easy to do this if I decide to…for now I’m posting on craigslist via Quickable and I’m totally digging it, I’ve gotten one response so far through one of the two ads I posted yesterday and I’m psyched…because that’s more than I got with Zaarly or Yardsellr!! I did think that those two newer options are cool and I do still think they have potential…but time is not on my side and hearing all those crickets (aka no response) was something I didn’t really have time for…so yay Quickable!! I am glad they were advertising on Words (with friends) that I love to play as I’m nursing my little man and able to do little else…

Now I just need to figure out what app is best to use in proposing an exchange of my Mercury Grand Marquis and Mercedes for a Minivan…hmm… I love good mobile apps

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  1. Quickable says:

    Thanks Kristin – we are so happy you enjoyed our app 🙂

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