Radical Acceptance

This book came to me from somebody I love, my husband in particular when I was crying about something. If I’m remembering right it was one of those moments where I’m saying “Damn it I’m right!!”..when it just sucks to realize that after reading some pretty obvious signs and hoping to be wrong well…you guessed it. Damn it I’m right. For me he literally handed/tossed me the book and lucky for me I was resting anyway and had some time to read it.

I found Tara’s voice very calm, collected and comforting. This book did take me a long time to read, at least two weeks and it was very conscious. I read it when I felt like I needed to, and then I went to sleep. It helped me to do that! Sleeping when I’m stressed/worried or even just thinking about my place in the world is a challenge. So I admit it, I used this book as a sleep aid! It worked in a very good way and had the added advantage of having my husband who had read it too, and so in my moments of forgetting how to help myself he would go right for it and ask me how I was feeling in a way reminiscent to what she suggests in the book. It worked almost like an icebreaker to calm me down to be able to talk about whatever I was going through and it helped me to get out of my funk for sure. I have not reread it but will if I need to for sure. If you are looking for tools to deal with the seemingly unbearable facts of life this is a great place to start!!

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