Rapping For Big Bird

Big BirdI’m surprised I haven’t heard anything yet… Lupe Fiasco could do it (See Show Goes On), Ludacris could do it (see Slap), The Coup could do it (see Head of State (linking to lyrics rather than video since there is so much cursing), Eminem maybe (We As Americans) not to mention Kanye West & all who worked with him on All the Lights who has a magical way of making a point and hitting the top ten charts…imagine him and Jay-Z standing up for Big Bird? Or Nas (see Black President)

I think that would be awesome… Or maybe Beyonce could sing about it?

I think a dream come true would be if everyone could work together, California Love except a tribute to Big Bird and all the lives that have been improved, kids educated and entertained thanks to Big Bird…wish I had more time for this post but my kids are beckoning me…I’m just thinking of this post as a wish I’m sending out into the universe for some real mainstream calling out of someone trying to take away from the kids that need the most.

Hopefully by the time I post this it will have already happening, I’ll be listening to the radio to hear it if so!! I’d also love to hear what Foster the People (Pumped Up Kicks)could do with this Big Bird mess

So if Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Ludacris, The Coup, Foster the People, or any of the other wonderful artists I have mentioned aren’t up for it…maybe it would be good for NPR (National Public Radio) to run a contest for artists competing on American Idol or something? Write a song about Sesame Street? If there’s already something like this happening and my lack of TV has kept me from it please post links below!!!

All I know is that last time I had a TV we didn’t have cable, and for sure my favorite channel was PBS (Public Broadcast Service) and I would hate to think of all the bad talk shows I might have watched if I hadn’t had that as an option…shudder.

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