Red Wine Helping Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Empty Wine Glasses

Empty Wine Glasses

As I’m sitting here wishing I had a nice apple cider or glass of wine (sipping tea now) I am happy to tell you I just came across a lovely article rationalizing this. Here is a Washington Post article just a few years old that is talking about a compound in Red Wine battling MS!!

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time…I love a glass at the end of the day, and wish I had one now!

Now I need either a grant to do research or a medical note allowing me to pick up some pinot noir for my prescription!!

I am curious to know if it is related to the blood thinning properties of wine…and if it relates to the nicotine research in that potentially…hmm.

Now I just need to look into some tastings so I can learn [amazon_link id=”0961352523″ target=”_blank” ]How to Be a Wine Expert[/amazon_link]!!

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3 Responses to Red Wine Helping Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  1. Hi there Kristin, to honest I really don’t know about this , but as I have read your blog it proves that red wine can cure or minimize different illness, well this is a good news.

  2. Kristin says:

    Yeah I don’t know either, figure we’ll never know if we don’t try and find out 🙂 Turns out the low dose naltrexone (sp?) is based on it, so now I’m curious to know if the wine would be as if not more effective…and of course which is more affordable which is always a question worth asking. Hopefully we will know someday but until then I’ll keep asking questions!!

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