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If you have been following the happenings for Moms With MS, twitter, or any of my ramblings about projects you know that today I launched the official campaign on to finance the redesign of the site!

I have self funded it up until now which has been great but the next phase, which involves integrating the public and private site are out of my budget, and to get things done properly, and make site more useful for people looking for information or moms looking for support, this needs to happen.

In addition to the sites being migrating from two to one I am hoping enough funds are raised to cover the publishing of the story of the site, from discussing the “why” to the “how” as well as the results and how things have worked out, the story of this campaign will definitely be in there too! It is my first time doing something like this, other than the fundraising campaigns for the NMSS so it is pretty exciting! I really hope that it is a success and I can help people who want to do similar projects navigate how to make it happen, I don’t dare coach them on it until I know that I have been able to do it myself!

Please take a look at the campaign, it has the full story of what needs to happen there as well as a video that I made telling some of the story. I really appreciate you looking at it, sharing it, and if you would be so kind, donations would be VERY much appreciated, so this can actually happen and I don’t have to pick and choose what is possible.

Thank you!! Here is a direct link: and the picture of the brain above should take you to the official campaign site as well.

I would love to hear any feedback or comments you have to share!! Like I said this is my first time and whether it is good or bad I would love to know how I can make it better next time (yes I already know I need a tripod or someone older than 2 helping with the camera!!).

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