Reading “The Red Tent”, Interesting Stories New To Me

The Red TentI went on a women’s retreat recently, it was about 3 weeks ago. I went to an island just a little ways from Seattle where I live to spend a few days with a lot of other women, about 30. It was based on the “Warrior Goddess Training” book which I’m going to start reading soon, but I had to first write about The Red Tent because I find it so interesting.

I’m going to start this with letting you know, that I don’t read all that much. Recently most of my reading had been word by word for my son, who is in speech therapy, so that he can learn how to both read (he declared he wants to by the time he is 5) and pronounce words being spoken using the BOB books. When someone recommended I read this The Red Tent book though I was ready. I got it the day after getting back from the retreat, or was it the same day?

For me this book is fabulous…I have never read the bible. On the back it will tell you how it is: “a valuable achievment in modern fiction: a new view of biblical women’s society.”. I am at the time of writing this about 2/3 of the way finished. It is a “fiction” book and this is not my normal reading preference. I love to read books about “real” things with tips about how to become better, but this book is interesting me because to me it is a digest-able interpretation of stories from the bible which appear to be really important to other people. I was not raised a Christian or any other kind of religion that required that I know biblical stories at all, and only recently through my experiences with CSL/Religious Science/Science of Mind have I even been curious. I might even be soon taking a class that is about the bible, though still not a typical Christian bible study.

Anyway, I do really like this book. It is telling stories of Jacob, Joseph and more from the perspective of Dinah. Her perspective is an interesting one that starts out as a child, with reverence to her “mothers” and a perspective that amazingly makes it all seem “ok”, at least in the beginning. It was fun to mention things about it to my husband who has much more awareness of the bible’s stories, and to learn about how well it does match up with what the book says. It’s a great intro for me into learning it and getting more of a women’s perspective that I can understand and easily consume as a reader. It even got me to re-download the GoodReads app on my phone just so I could update how far I was!

I highly recommend it and plan to pass it to my daughters when they are of an age that it isn’t “too” disturbing…because yes it gets to some of those parts. Have you read it? What did you think? I’d love to discuss in the comments if you want to share!

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