Hmm…so in our box of organics we got Rhubarb…I have never cooked (or eaten) it as far as I know so I was a little intimidated! Then I found “A Simple Rhubarb Compote…:” and it was all better…literally about 15m later I have a compote that Hazel (my 4yo) is begging for more of!

I used kind of a tweaked combo of the recipes linked above…I used only what I had which ended up being about 3c of cut up rhubarb, 1/4c of grapefruit juice, and almost 1/4c of honey! It was so cool to see how the slices of rhubarb, which had been a little tough to cut just fell apart after just a few minutes of simmering. Very quick satisfying recipe.

Sooo good.


I know my picture isn’t that pretty…but I was so excited to share..

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