Satisfying My Sweet Little Lego Maniac

On Monday, my son was asking for a Birthday Pop or cookie for a special treat after we dropped his sisters off at school. I managed to negotiate with him by purchasing a small package of Legos instead. I figured the cost was not that much more but the lack of sugar plus extra brain activity made it more than worth it.


As you can imagine, a few hours later we finished putting the garbage truck together. I think it was less than an hour after that when he told me he wanted another one.

I remembered hearing about a company that rented out sets of Legos and I mentioned it to Geoff, he remembered that it was called Pley but we didn’t really think about it more than that, bed time it was and we figured we could wait.

So Tuesday, and Wednesday happened. Lego obsession did not wane but since he had school on those days it was less painful, plus I found his sisters more complicated Lego set and we spent those two days making the cat and mouse in that one.

Cat and Mouse

Then Thursday, he hit the jackpot!! Grandma had gotten some adorable Easter dresses for the my daughters and not wanting to leave Zazen out, he got a few small Lego packages.

wpid-img_20150313_123739.jpgThey were put together yesterday, well loved, but can you guess what happened today, Friday morning?

You guessed it. I wasn’t going to wait anymore, and I was not about to go buy more, so I found the Pley site and watched the video of the creator, who was telling a story so exactly like mine that I simultaneously thought “That is really good customer research and targetting.” “That makes a lot of sense.” and of course “This company was abso-freaking-lutely made for moms like ME!!” and in case it isn’t perfectly clear…we have one of these boxes on the way.

I signed up, Zazen got to point at all the sets that he wanted to build up the queue (or “Pleylist” as they cleverly call it) for the sets that he will be receiving in the mail. Next we just need to figure out if we want to keep all the legos that we already have (master builder style) or if we want to sell them to Pley for $5 a pound…I haven’t decided yet but will definitely let you know!!

If you have a person in your life that would appreciate this there are gift options too…I considered asking someone to get that for Zazen for about half a second before signing up, but if you have time and a desire to surprise the Lego maniac in your life…that’s an option too.

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