School…I never thought it would be so complicated!!

Trying to figure out whether to send my baby girl to school this year or next is definitely a challenge!! I wrote about it in an article HERE but oh my, it sure doesn’t get any simpler!!

My daughter was deemed “definitely NOT ready”, as they put it in the letter, which was expected yet a surprise to the owner of the school where she is graduating pre-k here in Seattle.

It has been explained to me from a variety of sources that the school district pretty much isn’t allowing early entrance students. I got a phone call today though just hours after dropping off my appeal from the guy in charge who I had a long informative chat with, I really appreciate that he took the time to talk to me. He recognized that she is likely gifted, (I mentioned my Mensa status and he said that is part of why he called me back), and that for that reason, it might be even more of a reason to ‘hold her back’ as people call it until the next year, because to get into a program called APP, which is just above the Spectrum program that is for gifted kids, they are much more strict about the ages of the students in the program, and getting her in now would likely lead to repeating a grade later. For instance after attending 1st grade, entering an APP 1st grade.

I understand all of what he is saying, and it has me pretty convinced that we’ll be fine either way. More than that, he restored my confidence in the public school system. Maybe I have a fresh pair of rose colored glasses on but I believe they are putting effort into how gifted students are handled and so forth. I still don’t really think their testing methods are particularly good but I get the concept behind it all and I believe if I pay attention and advocate for my daughter when needed it will work out.

Next test is next week, so we’ll see how that goes.

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