Seattle August Planting?

Okay, it has been a busy summer that can most concisely be described as:

June = Having Baby Zazen
July = Moving

Now I find myself in the middle of August with a nice big space to plant:

Someday Garden...

I have a couple armfuls of plants I rescued from the old house that we moved from:

Rescued Plants

These include some of the smaller mint plants, Raspberry, Lavender, Lilac, and also Plum and Cherry trees. Some of which have been planted or moved to bigger pots, and some of them (as seen above) still waiting for a new home.

I also have started to plant some seeds, with hopes that planting now isn’t completely insane. I have started kale, green onions, and a couple of pea plants. I would much prefer to have them planted directly in where the big garden will be but it has yet to be either tilled or have lasagna-like material added to make it plant-able.

Plant Babies

I also purchased some lettuce and mustard greens, some of which I have optimistically planted in the garden space (I did add some fertile soil to it) and some in pots seen in the Plant Babies picture above.

I told Geoff that my goal is to only have to buy meat at farmers markets so far as food goes…though I suppose we will also still need to buy nuts, coconut milk, tea and coffee beans at the store at this point.

My desire is to NOT need money for food, and to also not be hungry. Maybe I can find a barter situation with a local coffee roaster in exchange for vegetables or eggs? That would be awesome.

I am considering starting some squash too, I kind of feel like it might be too late but I want to try…I LOVE acorn squash.

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