Seattle BEX IV Levy Drama…

Okay, so I confess, I have voted against raising money for schools via taxes, that was when I was mad at the district for some reason and thought I’d be homeschooling. NOW I am considering turning down a Levy to raise money for schools because it hits WAY too close to home.

You may have noticed I haven’t been writing much here, this is because I have been knee deep in creating and not to mention

See the email sent out by the Seattle Public Schools was so freaking rude, disrespectful and brushing us off…I couldn’t just let this go, I had to do SOMETHING and so to the internet I go. Here is what they said…and let me just mention that I am a part of the “Pinehurst Community” they mention:

Have I mentioned I don’t like to be blown off? Well when it comes to my kids I simply will NOT TOLERATE them being blown off, and this goes pretty much for any other kid too because I know so many of them are without someone to stand for them.

So my point is that I have been very busy with that stuff…it just bugs me. Why disect two schools that are K-8 because of a Middle School overpopulation issue when they are close to the ONLY two elementary schools NOT CONTRIBUTING to the PROBLEM.

It just doesn’t make sense…so I buy domains and blog about what is happening…praying it will help.

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