Seattle Mom of 3 Reflects Life as Parent in Seattle During Strike (Go Teachers!!)

I have three children. They are ages 10, 6, and 4. My 10 year old daughter goes to a private co-operative school after we had a hard time making public school work for her though at this point the plan is for her to try again for middle school. My 6 year old IS in pubic school, or I should say she is enrolled in public school. She is not going to school right now due to strikes. She is VERY excited to go to school and enjoys going to visit the picketing teachers, but like all of us we hope it is all over soon. My 4yo is still in preschool and so is unaffected except for the confusion around his big sister not going to school, and he is very excited to start next year!

I am absolutely on the side of the teachers union. I strongly believe that we need to make sure the people who are working to nurture and educate our children need to be well taken care of and have the resources (help, money, time etc.) to do this effectively. It really does take a special kind of person to be able to spend days on end focused on nurturing little kids minds and we need to pay attention to those needs.

I am hoping that the talks today, assuming they don’t get cancelled, result in a solution that meets the needs of our children and teachers.

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