Seattle Parks (Update)

Hoping I get to see this cute little guy having fun swimming again tonight!!!

Hoping I get to see this cute little guy having fun swimming again tonight!!!

This is an update regarding the Seattle Parks post from last week. At this point I’m happy to say that we have spoken and also interacted on Twitter and they have both apologized and also told me that they are working on improving the communication around these situations. I appreciate their reaching out.

I feel compelled to share more of my story with the Pools of Seattle Parks. As you know if you know me in real life or if you follow this blog, I have moved a LOT over the years since moving to Seattle in 2006. Part of these moves included using different pools that are a part of the Seattle Parks set up, I have taken my kids to lessons at the Southwest Pool, the Rainier Pool, Meadowbrook, and of course the Helene Madison pool from last week. I have gone through rough patches with some of the classes that we have participated in, but fortunately these were all more easily resolved, and it was usually because of different teaching styles which is remedied by the way they change the teachers teaching a given class nearly every month, so if the kids are with a teacher they ‘don’t like’ (or that you don’t like) they will surely be with a different teacher the next month, and in my experience it all evens out.

So back to today, I got a phone call from someone and we had a nice conversation, I look forward to talking to the other parents I will surely see there tonight to share the good news that they both apologized and also met about the issue earlier this week so we can expect things to get better. I also got the names of who is appropriate to ask for if there are any problems in the future which I appreciate, because if I’d known who to talk to about the issue I might not have gone straight to the blog.

The other reason though that I did go straight to the blog however, was that I knew that it was not just me. I interacted with three other dads who showed up for lessons only to be surprised (as I was) that they weren’t happening, so I was not just speaking for myself but for them as well, I feel it was important to let them know how many families were impacted. I discussed this too with the pool and they recognized this.

Overall I think this was a positive experience…and hopefully parents who might have dealt with this in the future won’t have to because they make some really good improvements in communication.

I love the Seattle Parks’ Pools!!! I’m grateful I can look up and sign up for the classes online too via their SPARC system too..

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