Seattle School Portrait Devastation

As a mom, school pictures are precious. My daughter started Kindergarten just three years ago, and I was unfortunately unable to order them at the time due to financial hardship, because the year before I’d been laid off and by the time pictures came out we were just scraping by on unemployment.

I suppose I see now it is wishful thinking to want to have pictures of my child if I’m not rich at the moment the pictures are taken and come out, or at least that is what the local Yuen Lui studio seems to think. School portraits only available for about a year after they are taken, no archive after that, pictures gone.

Now I’m finally in a financial space where investing in these beautiful moments encapsulated in school pictures makes sense, having just moved into a house where I have room to organize pictures, regular paychecks coming in, I was VERY excited to start making calls to the local Yuen Lui studio as well as the Lifetouch studio to pay whatever was needed to get copies of these precious pictures. I was absolutely DEVASTATED to learn that my daughters kindergarten pictures were disposed of by the local studio trying to do school portraits. They are the same people that did my senior pictures as a kid and I swear they will not see another penny of mine ever again. School portraits are precious, how can you just trash them? No long term storage options? No archives from which to dig through or recover?

I admit I loved the pictures, it SUCKS that I didn’t have the money to order at the time, I literally made the decision to FEED my daughter rather than get the pictures, and now I’m without those pictures.

I HIGHLY recommend that any schools in the Seattle area go with Lifetouch. I called them and was able to not only order pictures from last year but also some reprints from THREE YEARS AGO when she was in preschool. I recommend that parents order CD’s of the pictures too because the studios only keep them for so long!!

I’m absolutely devastated that Yuen Lui studios deleted my baby’s kindergarten pictures. Like I said they will NEVER SEE A PENNY of mine again and as a parent advocate and active school community member I will flat out request LIFETOUCH or a local photographer that knows about keeping archives. Now I’m resorting to probably drawing or painting a version of her kindergarten picture but obviously this isn’t an option for everyone who only has a tiny thumbnail of a picture available to them. I really can’t believe that the studios are being so sloppy with these precious school memories, it seems to me that just being able to access the pictures would be a huge huge value not only for parents like me but for kids whose parents never ordered any years later and so forth. If google can offer virtually unlimited storage why can’t the photography studios figure something out to save one measly picture per kid per year??

I’m totally torn up about this and so grateful that Lifetouch has the pictures of my daughter that have been taken so far, I just ordered all of them both in large 8×10 prints and on CD. No archive available at Yuen Lui is absolutely unforgivable in my book. Less than two years later…unforgivable. My baby’s pictures are gone. Pictures gone.

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