Seattle’s first Run MS 5k…we did it!

Seattle Run MS 2015I went to Run MS this year with my husband. We both wanted to try out the challenge of running a 5k (something that I had never done and something he hasn’t done for more than 20 years). When I registered for the walk, I think the easiest question was “Why” to which my answer was “Because I can.”. I plan on staying in shape and as healthy as I can and it just makes sense to add this to the mix! I’m happy to say that we both made it!!

Lucky for us his mom was willing to come to our house early in the morning and watch the kids so that we could do it, and really it all went really smoothly! Even checking in which I remember from past walks as being complicated was easy, simply because there weren’t nearly as many people.

I didn’t fund raise as much as I have in years past, this is because my energy was absolutely sucked up with trying to update our national team pages and also to train so that I was ABLE to do the 5k. I’ll consider doing it bigger next year since the pages won’t need to be updated and also because it should be easier to do the 5k the second time since I will be training more consistently now. I’d like to have a team tent again which requires a $5k goal last time I looked it up. It would be great to be able to have a meeting place for folks affiliated with Moms with MS and also to meet more moms who have MS.

The run itself was definitely a challenge, especially since I think I was still recovering from a long day of flying two days earlier on Friday. I was able to jog most of the time and finished it in approximately 39min, and I did stop at one point to use an outhouse along the way. It was nice that they had tags that we clipped on to our shoes so we could see our personal time after the race, Geoff was able to finish in 31 minutes.

Today I am totally sore, so I am…

  • Drinking some Calm water
  • Rooibos tea and
  • Tulsi tea to try and rejuvenate a bit
  • I’m considering an
    Epsom salt bath too.
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