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Can I just say, there is a LOT to love about the shared economy..I already to things like shop at Goodwill and other local consignment shops for toys/kid stuff. I am VERY impressed with how people are making it possible to do all of this without leaving the house though!!

I first found out about Schoola which I was able to find an affiliate program for too (bonus!!) and it is for buying nice children’s clothes at a major discount second hand. The ad I am placing below is for a free shipping deal they have when I post this but if that isn’t working I have another Free Shipping Discount for purchases over $50. I love that they have brands like Hannah Anderson that seem to last forever in my experience.

Another recent find was which is for Women AND Men to both buy and sell their clothes and even shoes (if they are in good condition of course)…I think I just ran out of reasons to keep all those “but it might fit again someday” clothes.

All this combined with renting Legos with Pley and I’m pretty set…what else is there to save on using second hand or sharing? I guess we’ll see soon!!

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