Second Trimester…

It has been a slow but fast first trimester to this pregnancy (yes I’m pregnant if you didn’t catch that in the last post…lol) and we are so excited!

CheckNext week will be the beginning of week 13, and I’m definitely starting to show, or at least SWELL it seems. I’m hoping that it becomes more obvious soon so that people don’t just think I’m getting lazy and fat now that I’m married!!

I don’t usually follow the news much, but all this political horror (did McCain really start getting more supporters at some point??) has really been freaking me out. I’m as much from Alaska as the bulldog with lipstick is and wow…I never thought I’d be nervous to say that to anyone!! I am pretty freaked out at the way this campaign is going, because I care about my rights, my friends rights, my mothers rights, ALL women’s rights. I also care about people who don’t make much money, I understand that the tax breaks that Bush and McCain are talking about benefit the rich and not us regular joe shmoes out here going to work every day and I DO think it makes sense to pay more if you are making more, I know since I’ve gotten a salary job I donate more to charities because it only seems fair!!

Anyway, I don’t want this to be just a political blog or anything, but please vote based on facts and issues and not who can get on the front page of people the most…please…please…care about yourself and your fellow americans more than that.

If you don’t know what it can lead to…go watch this movie. I guarantee if you see it you won’t vote for people who campaign like they are talking to a 10 year old: IDIOCRACY …America is just getting more and more dumbed down, and as funny as this movie was to watch the first time, I feel like it is becoming reality faster than we can imagine.

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