Setting Up For Walk MS 2011

WHEW…I spent most of my day getting lots of information from and posted lots of places in an attempt to optimize the whole process of running a National Team raising money for the National MS Society while representing/promoting the Moms With Multiple Sclerosis site

This included setting up the images and items to be sold to people on or supporting teams at the store on CafePress as well as copying down all the information for the existing teams that are already in existence (12 already!). Lots of people have asked me when I’m going to do this so it feels good to have it done!! I just had to stay up later than the girls, which I find is easier said than done most nights!! Here’s a few examples, you can click the little arrow to scroll through:

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

I also stumbled upon Twuffer and I love it, have scheduled months worth of tweets promoting the store/teams etc. I thought of it at some point driving around during my “Proud Mommy Moment Filled Day” remembering that things like product promo on twitter didn’t have to take time each day, just an investment once or twice…I did kind of want a ‘repeat’ feature that I’m sure I’ll find elsewhere, but this was a great intro to scheduled tweets.

It has been a great day and at this point I’m kind of zombie tired with doing work online, I do feel like a lot got accomplished though which is a good thing.

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