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Alright, so I have recently started using Simpleology and therefore have this nice long list of things to get done that I’ve gone over a few times and weeded out the unnecessary tasks from. After I did that while going through today’s training session I saw that I had quite a few errands to run, I needed some random things that included some wastebaskets for both my office and the downstairs bathroom.

Since I needed more than just that, I went to Tarjay (that’s how I say it, sorry) and grabbed two wastebaskets that were $9.99 on the shelf and about $30 of other stuff including cleaning supplies, a movie, snacks, pencil eraser, toothbrushes etc. When I was checking out, I cleverly said that I did not need a bag, because I could put all the stuff into the waste basket, I felt very proud of myself :-).

When I got to my car I looked at the receipt to see how much damage was done…it seemed a little high at right around $60 so I looked more closely…and look at what I saw!!:


I was shocked. They charged me $14.99 instead of $9.99 which for some might not be a huge deal, but I could use an extra $10! I went home with my stuff, thinking about if it was worth fighting/returning…once I got home and emptied out these trash bins..:


I realized I had another option! So I went to Goodwill, with the wastebaskets in my car, thinking that I could see if they had anything better!

So I went in, and as my bathroom counter (I love spiders!), I also found a curtain that looks to be the perfect size for our table at the craft fair too, and I threw in a sewing kit for Kenzie because she lost her last one, you can see it all here!:


Now even better, look at the prices…:


So I just came home from going back to that first store and returning the wastebaskets that I bought for $30, because shoot, this stuff was way better anyway!! I’m so glad that I noticed I was overcharged…

SHOPPING TIP: If you need anything that you can stand to get used, then go to Goodwill or other second hand store first!!

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