Shopping to Make Life Better…

Algae Bloom

No I’m not talking about shopping therapy…I’m talking about literally buying a book about bringing about happiness in companies/customers and also a double sided aquarium background because my tanks is looking a little green and cloudy (as you can see), I think I’d better block some of the sun from the tank part of it and let it shine on the top where the plants are so it looks like this again:

This is the background that I plan to use for this, it’s a double sided opaque one that I’ll put on the side of the tank that faces the window…I do want to keep it where the sun can reach it obviously because I want the stuff on top (basil and lettuce) to flourish!!

I’m also going to grab the Kindle version of this book because it’s recommended by Buffer, it looks like it is right in line with what I’ve read via Fredrick Laloux in “Reinventing Organizations” book and I love that stuff!!

Hopefully I’ll be writing again soon with a new and improved picture of my fish tank and more about the insights I learned from the book!! Now I’m off to meet up with a friend visiting from California for lunch, good times!

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