Sibling Love…


Enjoying the moments of love between siblings..ah..Zazen is two months old today too!

With three kids it is amazing, sweet and sometimes sad to see how often jealously rears it’s head.

It is teaching important lessons though I believe, such as appreciation. When they see each other getting something then it instantly makes whatever it is (being picked up, a particular toy or food item etc.) I think they are learning to appreciate it when they get it. I try and remind them of the perks they get, for example: Kenzie gets more freedom & responsibilities, Hazel gets more praise for good behavior that is expected already of Kenzie (yes we are making a point of praising her too but it’s extra important for Hazel while she is at this stage of learning), and obviously Zazen gets to be carried everywhere as well as getting endless amounts of mommy milk etc.

Ah…Parenting is fun. Love these loving moments and the tumultuous learning moments too. Life isn’t fair in the sense we all het the same thing, but it is fair in that we all get our own set of pros and cons to appreciate and learn from.

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