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Recently a friend posted something on facebook about it being 15 years since the Seattle Kingdome came down…and asked how the last 15 years have been. I realized then that for me, the last 15 years have been my FIRST fifteen years as an adult. I was 18 in 1999, graduated high school and began my journey. I summarized it like this:

15 Years
I could barely wrap MY head around that so I thought I’d bring it here to process it..
Last 15 years….here’s just a little more detail:

Graduate High School, Move to NYC for Summer and then College in the Fall. Diagnosed with a Stroke on October 1. To be clear I had about 6 months, of being a “normal” young adult prior to this.

PFO is found in my heart, a small hole that may have led to the stroke, Heart surgery to implant a Cardioseal is scheduled for next year.

9/11 happens about a week (9 days) prior to my scheduled Heart Surgery.
October I am back in the hospital, I think I’m having another stroke, and in November I am diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Finish and Graduate College.

I’m freelancing now, selling shirts at street fairs with my illustrations on them and working with helping with the technical and design needs of clients.

Become Mom.

Single Mom now, supporting myself and daughter selling things on ebay out of car and staying with friends. Move to Seattle, get regular employment/apartment etc.

Meet husband.

Get Married. Get Pregnant. Move into House.

Lose Job. Have baby #2. Discover Gardening. Create

Explore writing lots of articles for what was once Associated Content and then Yahoo Voices (neither of which are online).

Lose House. Move.


Move. Get job. Invited to meet Nancy Pelosi via because I shared my childcare story on one of their online petitions.

Lose job. Move.

Fortunately where I am at we will be staying for another year…and looking at all of this I see that this will be the first time we have lived anywhere for 2+ years. I am looking forward to it, and also enjoying the opportunity to start saving up a bit since we don’t have to pay any more surprise moving expenses!

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