Sleepless In America

I started reading this book about a week ago, I’m not done yet but really want to talk about it anyway. I picked it up as the sole book I purchased on a day that I wrote down about 20 titles of books that I ‘want’ to read at some point…I’m recently obsessed with psychology, self help, normal (I’ll explain in another review), parenting, Multiple Sclerosis and Alternative Healing. I ended up losing that list of books that I so wanted to read but at least I bought this one, to remember that day by. Sleepless In America.

So far I’ve learned that YES…my family and definitely I am lacking sleep…personally I know that I am because that was a HUGE part of what led to my recent flare-up that I am still getting over. It was interesting though because I could see some examples of my daughters in there as well and I think what I’m most grateful for is the healing ‘what to do now’ kind of information and stories that are being shared. I don’t think we give the girls adequate time to sleep. I think for me it was a lazy/being ‘cool’ about it hing where I sympathized with my daughter (4) who wanted to stay up with me, and she is so persistent that I figured I might as well let her stay up and just go to bed with me (yes we co-sleep) and so life happens, she’s still with me and most nights staying up late enough that I fall asleep or at least get too tired to get back up by the time she falls asleep.

I’m absolutely always up for doing what is best though, for me and for her, at least when I am SURE that it is the right thing… I have been a nag for a while about how we need a routine evening schedule for the girls, but now I MEAN it. I think a huge part of what I love about this book is that a lot of it gives me back up to things I either learned and forgot the source of or just intuitively knew that I had a hard time rationalizing to both my husband and myself.

So now we’re on the journey to us all sleeping better, tonight is the first night that both girls were asleep AND both adults emerged awake (hence me writing this at almost 11pm). It was very sweet, I got her to let me leave by letting her wear one of my socks and promising I’d be back to snuggle after I finished some work. I haven’t gotten to the baby part yet, that’s hard, she’s on me sleeping now so hopefully I’ll learn some insightful tricks on this one…

Hope you have a lovely restful night!!!

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