Snow Day!!

Snow Day!!!

Snow Day!!!

I love Snow Days!! I was starting to think it was going to be crazy having the kids inside and home making a mess…but then they wanted to go outside… I got them all suited up (glad I stopped by the local used clothing store to grab some boots and a snowsuit!!). Now both girls are outside having a BLAST and then…gasp…Zazen went down for a nap. It was like one of those moments where the clouds part and the sun comes shining down. It’s actually quiet and I could maybe even get something done!! Maybe shower? Clean? Fill out some papers? It’s a beautiful thing…watching them play as I sip my coffee is absolutely wonderful…I think I’ll make them some mint tea for when they come in now.

Also I’m feeling some sweet satisfaction that I trusted my instincts to keep them home…I hear that 45m after the 2 hour late start others were sent back home…

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